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Our Mission

The Workers Guild is a 501c3 nonprofit organization meant to serve app based workers and organizers working to unite the gig economy. We believe that through research, organizing, and a united vision – all workers can win job security, benefits, and a living wage.


As jobs within the United States become less traditional and more exploitative, we – organizers & worker leaders – are tasked with uniting workplaces that are more separated than ever. To combat the challenging organizing culture that comes with a mobile & individualized workplace, the most effective organizing strategy is to come together ourselves. We need to support each other now more than ever.

The Workers Guild, a 501c3 nonprofit affiliate of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), is a platform meant to serve that exact purpose.

We, the Workers Guild, believe that support means providing up to date research and data on the industry so that you don’t have to organize blind. We believe that by connecting organizers and app worker leaders, we can actually win through sharing effective organizing strategies and messaging. We believe that by supporting one another, we can win more rights and justice for the nation’s app based workers.

None of us will successfully organize the gig economy alone.

Because the industry is changing so rapidly - we need unions, non profits, and app based workers associations to identify changes as they’re happening in order to organize around them immediately. The more we communicate and support each other’s work, the more power we have to lift up an industry that is getting more exploitative by the day. We, the Workers Guild, know that there is no time to waste.

Why the Machinists Union?

Way before the gig economy ever existed, The Machinists Union District 15 was pioneering the fight for benefits among black car drivers in New York City since 1991. NYC Black Car Drivers have historically been independent contractors, but despite hold that classification – the Machinists Union won raises, health insurance, job security, dental, and pensions for NYC’s drivers. The Machinists Union was also integral in winning the NY Black Car Worker Compensation Fund which provides financial aid to drivers and their families if they are hurt on the job.

Many drivers who were previously represented by the IAMAW are now app-based black car drivers represented by the Independent Drivers Guild, the IDG. The IDG was formed by the IAMAW in May 2016 to represent Uber, Lyft, and all other app based drivers in NYC. The IDG is the first of it’s kind organization that has successfully organized and mobilized NYC’s 100,000 app based drivers. Through uniting, app based drivers in NYC have won:

Organizing app based drivers isjust the beginning.

By uniting with all other app based workers and organizers, we can win so much more. Join us in the fight for a more fair economy now by signing up for more info.

Why Research

A core mission of the Workers Guild is to provide up to date research being done to study the gig economy. By surveying gig economy workers, we can better understand industry demographics, issues to agitate on, effective messaging, and much more. The more knowledge we have before starting/continuing an campaign, the more effective our organizing strategies will be.

What does it mean to be a Member Organization?

If you are a Labor Union, a non-profit organization, or an app worker with an association uniting other gig workers – we are excited to support the work that you are doing. Whether support means mentorship/guidance, connection with app based workers within your industry, or political/legislative support – our goal is to help you organize as effectively as possible. The needs of organizations vary, so we ask that all potential Member Organizations fill out our Contact Form so we can identify your individual needs.


Fellow app based workers tell their stories about why they are fighting for a more fair gig economy and why they need you to join the fight too!

News & Research

Explore the news clips, press releases, and research below to learn about organizing within the gig economy.

Too Good to Be True?

A Comment on Hall and Krueger’s Analysis of the Labor Market for Uber’s Driver-Partners

The Independent Drivers Guild Giving A Voice To Lyft & Uber Drivers

The ride sharing and drivers industry has flourished in recent years thanks to the technology and competition that was introduced to the market from Lyft …

The Online Platform Economy in 2018: Drivers, Workers, Sellers, and Lessors

Technological innovation is transforming economic exchange. Just a decade ago, the Online Platform Economy comprised a handful of marketplaces connecting independent sellers to buyers of …

Drivers Guild Cheers New Law After Two Year Campaign for Livable Wage

New York, NY — Today, the Independent Drivers Guild joined New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and made brief remarks before he signed historic …

Taxi Drivers in New York Are Struggling. So Are Uber Drivers.

After a growing furor among Uber drivers in New York City in 2016 over plunging incomes, Uber relented and made a rare concession: It agreed …


The Tax Compliance Challenges of Small Business Operators Driving the On-Demand Platform Economy


Excited and motivated to make change?

Interested in being a member organization? Have general questions? Want to submit research? Want to connect with other app based workers where you live? Send us a message and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

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